Master of My Domain

Hello Lovelies!

Inspiration for today’s post was easy to find because I am planning my dream home! Not that its very close to happening right now but give me a year and i’ll have a few posts on how MY home is looking :] In the mean time I wanted to compile a list of what I eventually want in my forever home’s Master Bedroom. (Hence the cheesy title of this post!) 

  1. A big comfy fluffy bed (this is a must.)
  2. A pleasing color palette that creates a space of calm and romance.
  3. Wood floors with a big area rug. 
  4. An attached bathroom that will make me swoon when I drag myself out of bed to it in the morning.
  5. A divine closet. (Que the angels singing and trumpets blaring)
  6. A sliding barn door (not really a need, but I just love them so much!)

Here are a few examples of spaces that definitely inspire and make me want to live there!



Check out this bed! The colors, the pillows, the amazingness. Yes this room would do quite well.. Unfortunately there is no link to where its from! Sad face. 


The texture in this space astounds me! can i just live here? right here? (Bonus! if you are as in love with that headboard as I am, HERE is how you make it!)



I love the genius mix of patterns in this space, geometric patterns are a hard thing to mix and this space really pulls it off. Plus, that bed. Need I say more? Its soft and fluffy and makes you want to curl in a ball and say “No its my bed! get your own!” or maybe that’s just me.. 



And this one! With its exposed brick, light calming tones, and rustic feel, i would gladly live my life with this as my sleeping headquarters, yes I would. 



And this my friends, is my one, non negotiable, totally un-needed-but-still-desired, piece of my dream master bedroom. This door, this genius, beautiful example of perfect design, is what my room will be based around. right here. I love it.





I totally love the artwork in this picture. the colors, the textures, everything. 


And finally, I just couldn’t leave this beautiful dream bed out. *Le Sigh* InLove.

OK so There you have it folks, my little bedroom fantasy! (not like that, get your minds outta the gutter!) 
Hope you enjoyed this little tour through my someday dream home, what rooms should I dream up next?






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